"You'll Fall in Love ...Again! In Romantic Quebec City"

Imagine strolling down cobblestone streets, hand-in-hand, with that special someone.Or dining in world-class restaurants. How about a latté on a local sidewalk café.Sound charming? Oui, oui! Well, there's lots more....

Quebec City glows with beauty, even after 400 years of history! You can wander down the sidestreets and admire the 15Th century architecture or get pampered in a 5-star hotel....it's a honeymoon spot "par excellence"!

I'd like to share something with you. I am an "old romantic". I visit Quebec city regularly for weekend getaways. Every visit is magical. You can't help but get that warm-fuzzy feeling. Hearts young and older will find a bistro, restaurant, or hotel that they will call "our little place".

So, what is the best romantic spot in Quebec City?

Hmmm? The list is long! You see,each spot has its own charm. Each season adds a special touch to your visit.I do have some favorites that I will be writing about in this Web site...

  • My favorite romantic spots

  • Top seasonal attractions (cameras are a must here!)

  • Best hotels and resorts (cheap and expensive)

  • Cozy bed N' breakfasts

  • Great restaurants (best bets and exquisite dining)

  • The one hotel in North America...that melts in the spring!

  • Unique side trips (from apple-picking to whale-watching)

  • The 4 enchanting seasons of Quebec City

  • Top spots for real estate (why Quebec City is a great place to invest)

  • Condominiums (As a first or second home, Quebec city offers a fantastic quality of life)

  • Watch as I add more....


Your "Romance Director"